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Make with Warm Clay Co is led by Suzzy. You'll get the insider scoop on the best tips and tricks making your very own handmade adornments and enjoy the slow but intentional nature of handmade. Checkout the available sessions below!

Make a Croissant Necklace Cafe Workshop

Jun. 27, 11:00 PM

Nook - 45 Irving Avenue Brooklyn, NY

Make a Croissant Necklace Cafe Workshop

Join us for a night of pearls, mini pastry charms, beers and fun at Nook! You will learn the basics of beading a pearl necklace and finish it off with a yummy handmade pastry charm made by Suzzy from Warm Clay Co.

All materials, tools and step-by-step instructions will be provided at this workshop. Bring yourself and a friend to join us for a fun Thursday night at Nook. No previous experience necessary.

DIY Suzzy


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