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Cheesy Lover Sardine Can Earrings


Under the pink lover tin can, who knows what the sardines are doing? Tin can was opened while the sardines were busy...

Featuring 2 lover sardines, one shows head, one shows tail. Served with a wedge of cheese to complete your cheesy cravings. 

For the cheesy lovers that are busy lovin'. Tell a little story for people who ask about what you are wearing on your ear... You’d be looking like a snack with these cheeky earrings ;) 

Also available as Spicy Lover and Zesty Lover. Hand sculpted lover sardine can and cheese wedge charm with fresh water pearl and a teeny metal fork. 

Made with hypoallergenic gold plated hoops. Each hand sculpted charm is unique. Small imperfections, variations of size and color may exist due to the nature of handmade goods.

Thank you for supporting my work :)

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